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About Temporary Renters

Finding temporary housing for temp workers and seconded employees.

Temporary Renters is committed to finding the most suitable temporary housing for expats and labour migrants.


On our platform, temporary landlords and temporary tenants (companies) can come into direct contact with each other. Temporary Renters takes care of conducting a background check / screening of the companies (tenants) and makes legally valid lease agreements available, so that the temporary landlords are taken care of and can temporarily rent out with confidence.

Property owners can rest assured, knowing that Temporary Renters guarantees that properties will only be rented out safely to screened, quality companies, thus minimising the risk of unpaid rent and “living away” from the house


*By temporary, we mean between 6 months and 2 years.

Our Vision. Our Feel For Good Offers.

With the ever increasing need for temporary employees, it follows that there should be platform for temporary property letting. Temporary Renters was born. We know how important it is to feel free and not held down by a long term contract with your property owner.

We specialise in short term contracts from 6 months to 2 years. Perfect for temporary employees.

Above the Crowd

We go above and beyond to find the best living environments.

Beyond the sale

Our team is absolutely committed to finding the best living situation for each of our clients. Our aim is to ensure that both the renter and the host are content with their situations.

Dedicated to results

We strive to achieve the fastest turnaround possible between first contact with our clients and the day our client moves into a property or has their property successfully rented.

Solutions made easy

Find the property you desire on your mobile device or desktop computer. We have a large client base and always provide the best solution.

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